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No. Song Artist
5000A New CommandmentBetty Pulkingham
5001Above And BeyondBarbie Dumlao & Mich Dumlao
5004Al My DaysDan Schutte, S. J. Jim Murray, S. J.
5002All Hail King Jesus
5003All I WantJohn Bagniewski
5005Amen, Our Hearts CryJohn C. Blattner
5006And The Father Will DanceRev. Carey Landry
5007Ang Panginoon LamangDaniel Cruz, Jr.
5008As A DoeGeorge Misulia
5009Ascribe Greatness
5010Ascribe To The LordJames Berlucchi
5011At The Name Of JesusJames Cowan
5012Awake O IsraelMerla Watson
5013Be Exalted, O GodBrent Christmas
5014Be Thou My VisionEleanor H. Hull
5015BeholdStuart Dauermann
5016Bethlehem RejoicesStacey Whitfield
5017Blessed Be The Lord, My RockMark B. Foster
5018Blessing And GloryJohn Keating
5019Born Into A BattlePaul Kyle
5020Call Me HappyMoses Catan & Kiddo Cosio
5021Christ Has Died (b)
5022Come All Ye NationsCharles Christmas
5023Come And Worship
5024Come, Holy SpiritGeorge Misulia
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5025Come, Let Us Go UpMark Chopinsky
5026Come, My JesusMich Dumlao & Kits Falcis
5027Consider The LiliesJean Goeboro
5028Create In MeGeorge Misulia
5030Crown Him Lord Of LordsJames Cowan
5029Crown Him With Many CrownsMatthew Bridges George J. Elvey
5031EmmanuelTim Manion
5032Enter In
5033Exodus 15
5034Far MoreMoses Catan & Rissa Singson
5035Father, Make Us OneRick Ridings
5036Fight The Good Fight Of FaithFlaherty
5037Fire From HeavenK. Falcis & B. Dumlao
5038For All The SaintsWilliam W. How Ralph V. Williams
5039For God So Loved The WorldStuart Dauermann
5040For You Are My GodJohn B. Foley, S. J.
5041Fountain Of LifeJohn Keating
5042From Heaven The Lord Looks DownLeo Nestor
5043From The Rising Of The SunGeorge Misulia
5044Glorify Thy NameDonna Adkins
5045Glorious In MajestyJeff Cothran
5046Glory To GodDan Schutte, S. J.
5047God AloneJohn Keating
5048God And Man At Table Are Sat DownRev. Robert J. Stamps
5049God Is GoodGraham Kendrick
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5050God Is My RefugeDan Turner
5051God Is Raising An ArmyMark Cowen
5052God The Blessed And Only SovereignJohn Keating
5053God With Us EmmanuelGraham Kendrick
5054Great And WonderfulStuart Dauermann
5055Hail To The Lord's AnointedJames Montgomery Betty Pulkingham
5057Hallelujah, He Is RisenJim Cowan & John Flaherty
5056Hallelujah, My FatherTim Cullen
5058Hallelujah, Our God ReignsDale Garratt
5059Happy Is The ManDan Schutte, S. J.
5061He Has Covered Himself In GloryJohn Flaherty
5062He Is ComingJ. Cowan
5065He's My LordJing Pilapil
5063Heaven Is My HomeJohn Keating
5064Here I Am, LordDan Schutte, S. J.
5060Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem
5066Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem
5067Hiney Mah Tov
5068Holy Is The Lord
5069Holy, Holy, HolyBob Dufford, S. J. Dan Schutte, S. J.
5070Holy, Holy, HolyMarc Chopinsky
5071Holy, O HolyNorman Mckinley
5072HossanaJim Berlucchi
5073Hymn Of GloryCharles Christmas
5074I Am Not AshamedD. Maranon & P. Lina
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5075I Am The Bread Of LifeSr. Suzanne Toolan, S. M.
5076I Am The ResurrectionRey Repp
5077I Exalt Thee
5078I Just Want To Be With YouEm Casalme
5079I Love The Lord
5080I Shall Be SatisfiedPaul Beckman
5081I Will Call Upon The Lord
5082I Will Lift Up My VoicePaul Wilbur
5083In The Power Of Jesus' NameRissa Singson
5084In Your Light We See LightJohn Keating
5085Isaiah 43Cathy Zawacki
5086Isaiah 60Donald Kopinski
5087It Is GoodPaul Wilbur
5088Jerusalem, The GoldenStacey Whitfield
5089Jesus Is The One Who SavesJames Berlucchi
5090Jubilee SongFr. Carlo Marcelo Jamie Rivera
5091Just One WordMoses Catan
5092Lamb Of GodJohn Foley, S. J.
5093Let The Fire FallGeorge Misulia
5094Let The Rain FallBarbie Dumlao
5095Let The Righteous Be GladMark B. Foster
5096Let The Valleys Be RaisedDan Schutte, S. J.
5097Let Us Exalt His Name TogetherStuart Dauermann
5098Let Your Glory Fill This HousePaul Wilbur
5099Life SongK. Cosio & P. Lina
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5100Lift High The Banners Of LoveRich Gillard
5101Lift High The Cross Of ChristGeorge Misulia
5102Lift Up Your Heads, O GatesMartha Ilgenfritz
5103Lion Of JudahTed Sandquist
5104Look BeyondDarryl Ducote
5105Lord Have MercyDan Schutte, S. J.
5106Lord I Live For YouFerdie Nicolas
5107Lord Jesus We Enthrone YouPaul Kyle
5108Lord Of GloryM. Catan & B. Dumlao
5109Lord Of My DaysRissa Singson
5110MajestyJack Hayford
5111Make My Heart Your Dwelling PlaceJim Cowan
5112Mighty Is Our GodSteve Alaniz
5113Mighty King Of ZionJames Cowan
5114More Precious Than SilverJim Berlucchi
5115My All For YouJohn Keating
5116My God And My AllJames Cowan
5117My God, My AllM. Catan & B. Dumlao
5118My Soul Finds RestPeter Greedy & Jessica Greedy
5119Nothing Can Separate MeRissa Singson
5120O ComeStuart Dauermann
5121O Come Let Us WorshipJames Cowan
5122O Give ThanksMark Chopinsky
5123O Let The RedeemedGerald Custer
5124O Send Forth Your Light And Your TruthJohn Keating
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5125Once No PeopleBetty Pulkingham
5126One Thing I Ask ForTed Kennedy Iii
5127Open Your EyesJim Berlucchi
5128Our Blessed HopePaul Beckman
5129Our FatherJing Pilapil
5130Our God ReignsLeonard Smith, Jr.
5131Philippians 2Stacey Whitfield
5132Praise The Lord, O My SoulDon Fishel
5133Praise The Name Of JesusRoy Hicks, Jr.
5134Praise To You Lord Jesus Christ
5135Procalim His Marvelous DeedsDonald Fishel
5136Psalm 100Charles Christmas
5137Psalm 145Charles Christmas
5138Psalm 73Mike Keating
5139Psalm 89Karen Barrie
5140Psalm 95Dan Turner
5141Put On Jesus ChristGeorge Misulia
5142Return, O IsraelPaul Beckman
5143Rise Up O Men Of GodWilliam H. Walter
5144River Flow ThroughPy Nakar, B. Dumlao
5145Rushing RiverBarbie Dumlao
5146Salvation Belongs To Our GodAdrian Howard Pat Turner
5147Scandalous LoveMich Dumlao
5148Shine Jesus ShineGraham Kendrick
5149Sing To God A Brand New CanticlePaul Quinlan
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5150Sing To The LordDonald Fishel
5151Singing HallelujahJim Cowan
5152Song Of Good NewsFr. Willard Jabusch
5153Song Of My PeopleJuliet Pressel
5154Song Of ThanksPaul Quinlan
5155Song Of VictoryJim Cowan
5156Taste And SeeGeorge Misulia
5157Thanks Be To GodJohn Keating
5158That Blest AbodeStacey Whitfield
5159The Celebration SongBrent Christmas
5160The Dwelling Of God Is Among You TodayDon Austin
5161The Kind Of LoveW. Casalme & P. Lina
5162The King Of GloryFr. Willard Jabusch
5163The Light Of ChristDon Fishel
5164The Lord Is A Great And Mighty KingDiane Davis
5165The Lord ReignsTed Kennedy Iii
5166The MagnificatCharles Christmas
5167The People Of GodAnton Colella
5168The Song Of MosesBetty Pulkingham
5169The Spirit And The BrideCharles Christmas
5170The Victory SongD. D. Hefferman, Jr.
5171The Voice Of One Calling In The DesertPaul Kyle
5172Therefore The RedeemedRuth Lake
5173Thine O LordStacey Whitfield
5174To Love You And To Make You LovedJohn Keating
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5175To The King Of AgesJohn Keating
5176To The LambB. Achas & S. Joseph
5177To You AgainRissa Singson
5178Trees Of The FieldStuart Dauermann
5179Unto The House Of The LordJohn Bagniewski
5180We Adore YouJames Cowan
5181We Are Men Of Jesus ChristJim Berlucchi
5182We Belong To GodJohn Flaherty
5183We Exalt Your NameAndy Park
5184We Will MagnifyPaul Lawson Johnston
5185We've Come TogetherJing Pilapil
5186Who Is Like TheeStacey Whitfield
5187Worship The LordNorman Mckinley
5188Worthy Is The LambRoger Holtz
5189YahwehGregory Norbet, O. S. B.
5190Yahweh The Faithful OneDan Schutte, S. J.
5191Yea My LifeJohn Flaherty
5192You Alone Are HolyDon Fishel
5193You Are GloriousK. Cosio, P. Lina & K. Falcis
5194You Are HolyDonald Fishel
5195You Are My DelightDaniel J. Jones
5196You Are Our TreasureMike Keating
5197You Are Welcome HereM. Catan & B. Dumlao
5199You're The OneEm Casalme
5198Your PresenceD. Catan & B. Dumlao
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5200Yours Is The GreatnessJohn Keating

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