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No. Song Artist
09009A Life On The Ocean Wave
09010A Little More Cider Too
09011A Maidens Wish
09013A Thousand Leagues Away
09014A Wandering Minstrel
09024All Glory, Laud And Honor
09033All Through The Night
09043Angelina Baker
09044Angels Meet Me At De Crossroads
09045Angel's Serenade
09046Annie Lisle
09057As Down In The Sunless Retreats
09060Away Down Souf
09064Baby's Night
09069Barney Buntline
09070Bay Of Biscay
09071Bay Of Dublin
09072Be Kind To The Loved Ones At Home
09074Beautiful Bells
09076Beautiful Star In Heaven So Bright
09078Beauty's Eyes
09081Bed Time
09082Before Jehovah's Awful Throne
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09083Begone Dull Care
09085Believe Me If All Those Endearing
09086Belle Mahone
09087Bells Of Shandon
09090Bid Me Good-bye
09092Billy Boy
09093Black Eyed Susan
09097Blessed Saviour, Thee I Love
09098Blissfull Dreams Come Stealing O'er Me
09099Blow Ye Winds Heigh Ho
09100Blow, Boys, Blow
09102Blue Alsatian Mountains
09104Blue Eyed Mary
09109Bob Up Serenely
09110Boer National Song
09112Bonnie Blue Flag
09113Bonnie Charlie
09114Bonnie Dundee
09115Bonny Eloise
09122Break Break Break
09126Bridal Chorus
09127Bright Rosy Morning
09128Brightest And Best Mendelssohn
09130Brother So Fine
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09131Brother Tell Me Of The Battle
09133Bunker Hill
09135Buy A Broom
09136By The Sad Sea Waves
09140Call Me Thine Own
09148Captain Jinks
09150Carnival Of Venice
09156Charles John Our Brave King
09157Child Of The Regiment
09158Child's Dreamland
09159Child's Hymn
09160Chime Again Beautiful Bells
09162Christmas Chimes
10129Christmas Of Old
09165Clime Beneath Whose Genial Sun
09172Come Unto Him
09173Come Ye Disconsolate
09176Cradle Song
09177Cradle Song
09178Cradle Song
09183Crow Song
09186Dancing Lesson
09189Darby And Joan
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09190Darling Go To Rest
09191Darling Nelly Gray
09193Days Of Absence
09194De Camptown Races
09195Dear Evelina
09196Dear Old Pals
09197Dearest Mae
09201Dixie Land
09202Do They Think Of Me At Home
09204Do You Remember
09207Dolcy Jones
09208Dolly Day
09211Don't Kill The Birds
09219Douglas Tender And True
09220Down Among The Dead Men
09222Dream Song
09223Dreaming Of Home And Mother
09227Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
09228Drinking Song
09229Dutch Warbler
09230Dying Volunteer
09231E Pluribus Unum
09233Edite Bibite
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09234Eileen Aroon
09235Ellie Rhee
09237Ensanguined And Lurid
09238Entrance Song
09240Erin Is My Home
09242Eton Boating Song
09243Even Bravest Heart May Swell
09247Evening Hymn
09248Evening Prayer
09249Ever Of Thee
09256Ev'ry Flower
09258Fair As The Morning
09259Fair Harvard
09260Fairest Lord Jesus
09264Far Away
09266Farewell Forever
09267Farewell My Lilly Dear
09268Farewell O Joyous Sunny Grove
09269Farewell Song
09270Farmyard Song
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09274Fiddle De Dee
09275Five O'clock In The Morning
09276Flag Of '76
09277Flag Of The Free
09279Flee As A Bird
09280Flow Gently Sweet Afton
09281Flowers For The Brave
09282Follow Me Full Of Glee
09288Forever And Forever
09291Forget Me Not
09293Forty Nine Bottles
09294Fox And Goose
09295Free America
09296From Greenland's Icy Mountains
09297From Ill Do Thou Defend Me
09299Funeral Dirge
09301Future Mrs. 'awkins
09302Gaily The Troubadour
09303Garibaldi's War Hymn
09304Gaudeamus Igitur
09305Gentle Maiden
09306Gentle Nettie Moore
09307Geography Song
09311Gideon's Band
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09312Gipsy Song
09315Girls And Boys Come Out To Play
09318Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken
09319Go Forget Me
09320Go Way Old Man
09321Gobble Duet
09322God Be With You
09323God Bless Our Native Land
09324God Is Love His Mercy
09325God Reigns
09326God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
09327God Save Our President
09328God Save The King
09329God Save The Nation
09330Golden Rules
09331Golden Slumbers
09332Gone Where The Woodbine Twineth
09333Good Night
10189Good Night
09334Good Night And Pleasant Dreams
09336Good-bye My Lover Good-bye
09337Goodbye Sweetheart Goodbye
09341Grandfather's Clock
09342Grave Of Washington
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09344Guardian Angels
09345Guide Me Great Jehovah
09347Hail Columbia
09348Hail To The Chief
09349Hail To The Happy Bridal Day
09352Happy And Light
09353Happy Are We Tonight
09354Hard Times Come Again No More
09355Hark Hark My Soul
09356Hark Hark The Lark
09357Hark I Hear A Voice
09358Hark I Hear An Angel Sing
09359Hark My Soul
09360Hark The Vesper Hymn
09361Hark 'tis The Breeze
09362Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded
09366Hawaiian Farewell Song
09369He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
09370He Leadeth Me
09374Heart Throbs
09375Hearts And Homes
09377Heaven Is My Home
09378Heaven May To You Grant Pardon
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09379Heavily Wears The Day
09382Her Bright Smile
09383Herdsmans Mountain Home
09386Here's To The Maiden
07989Highland Mary
09389Hi-le Hi-lo
09393Holland's National Hymn
09394Holy Ghost With Light Divine
09395Holy Night Peaceful Night
09396Home Again
09397Home Home Can I Forget Thee
09398Home Sweet Home
09399Home To Our Mountains
09400Home's Not Merely Four Square Walls
09401Homeward Bound
09402Hoop De Dooden Do
09403Hot Cross Buns
09406Hours There Were
09407How Can I Leave Thee
09409How Firm A Foundation
09410How Gentle God's Commands
09411How Happy Is The Child
09419I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
09424I Love My Love
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
09425I Love Thee
09426I Love To Tell The Story
09429I Remember I Remember
09430I Saw A Rosebud
09434I Think Of You
09435I Think When I Read That Sweet Story
09439I Was A Wandering Sheep
09448I'd Offer Thee This Hand Of Mine
09450If Love Were What The Rose Is
09451If Thou Wert By My Side
09454If You Love Me
09455I'll Hand My Harp On A Willow Tree
09456I'll Sing Thee Songs Of Araby
09457I'm A Pilgrim
09458I'm Called Little Buttercup
09459I'm Saddest When I Sing
09461I'm Troubled In Mind
09463In Cellar Cool
09464In Excelsis Gloria
09465In Happy Moments
09466In Heavenly Love Abiding
07990Last Night
09498Let Me Gaze
09501Letter From Lovers
09503Life Is But A Fleeting Dream
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09504Life Let Us Cherish
09506Light Of Other Days
09507Lightly Row
09508Lights Far Out At Sea
09510Like Morning
09511Lily Dale
09513Little Brother
09514Little Fisher Maiden
09515Little Girl Don't You Cry
09516Little Jack Horner And Little Miss
09517Little Lips
09518Little Maggie May
09519Little Robin Red Breast
09520Little Things
09525Loc'h Lomond
09527Lola's Song
07991Long Long Ago
09529Looby Loo
09530Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing
09533Lou`siana Belle
09534Love And Mirth
09535Love Divine All Loves Excelling
09537Love I Will Love You Ever
09540Love Not
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09543Loves Ritornella
09544Love's The Tune
09545Love's Young Dream
09547Lubly Dine
09548Lucy Long
09549Lucy Neal
09550Lullaby Baby
09551Lullaby Jakobowski
09552Lulu Is Our Darling Pride
09554Maggie By My Side
09555Maggie's Welcome
09556Maid Of Athens
09557Maidens Bright And Fair
09561March Of The Men Of Harlech
09562Marching Along
09563Marching Through Georgia
09565Maria Mari
09566Marie Mine
09577My Faith Looks Up To Thee
09580My Heart's In The Highlands
09581My Last Cigar
09582My Life Is Like The Summer Rose
09583My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
09584My Love She's Like A Lassie Yet
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09585My Love's An Arbutus
09597Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
09598Now Thank We All Our God
09599Now The Day Is Over
09600O Charlie Is My Darling
09601O Come Come Away
09602O Du Lieber Augustin
09603O God Our Help In Ages Past
09604O How Kindly Hast Thou Led Me
09605O Jesus Thou Art Standing
09606O Lord Correct Me
09607O Lovely Day O Happy Day
09608O Paradise
09609O Tender Moon
09610O Thou Joyful Day
09611O Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast
09612O Whisper What Thou Feelest
09613O Whistle And I'll Come To You
09614O Would I Were A Boy Again
09615O Wrap The Flag Around Me Boys
09616O Ye Tears
09617Oak And The Ash
09619Ode For Decoration Day
09620Oer My Head
07992Of That Dark Scaffold
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07993Oft In Danger Oft In Woe
09621Oh Boys Carry Me Long
09622Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be
09623Oh Dem Golden Slippers
09624Oh For A Thousand Tongues
09625Oh Gladly Now We Hail Thee
09626Oh Happy Day That Fixed My Choice
09627Oh Hush Thee My Baby
09628Oh Lemuel
09629Oh Mother Take The Wheel Away
09630Oh Tell Me How To Woo Thee
09631Oh The Land That We Love
09632Oh Touch The Harp
09633Oh You Little Darling
09634Old Cabin Home
07994Old Dog Tray
09635Old Easy Chair By The Fire
09636Old Hundred
09637Old King Cole
09638Old Oaken Bucket
09639Old Rosin The Beau
07995Ole Dan Tucker
09640Ole Shady
09641On Billow Rocking
09642On On On The Boys Came Marching
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09643On The Rocks By Aberdeen
09644On Venice Waters
09645On Yonder Rock Reclining
09646Once I Saw A Sweetbrier Rose
09650One Sweetly Solemn Thought
09652Only A Face At The Window
07996Only One Lock Of Her Hair
09654Only To See Thee
09656Our Baby
09657Our Flag O'er Us Waving
09659Out Of The Window
09660Over The Banister
09661Over The Bright Blue Sea
09662Over The Garden Wall
09663Over The Stars There Is Rest
09664Over The Summer Sea
09668Parting Graduation Song
09669Peanut Song
09671Pilgrim Chorus
09673Poland's National Song
09674Polish May Song
09675Polly Put The Kettle On
09676Polly Wolly Doodle
09677Power Of God
09678Praise To God
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09680Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
09683Private Tommy Atkins
09691Rally 'round The Flag
09694Remember Thy Creator
09698Retreat Hastings
09700Rig A Jig
09702Ring Ring De Banjo
09704Robin Adair
09705Rock A Bye Baby
09706Rock Me To Sleep Mother
09708Rock Of Ages
09709Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep
09737Sleep And Rest
09738Sleep Baby Dear
09739Sleep Beloved Sleep
09740Sleeping For The Flag
09741Sleeping I Dream'd Love
09742Slumber Song
09744So Early In The Morning
09745Soft Music Is Stealing
09746Softly Now The Light Of Day
09747Softly The Night Is Sleeping
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09748Soldier Song
09749Soldiers Chorus
09750Soldier's Farewell
09751Soldier's Tear
09752Solomon Levi
09753Some Day
09758Song Of The Brook
09759Song Of The Fowler
09760Song Of The Sabre
09761Song Of Thousand Years
09763Songs My Mother Taught Me
09764Sons Of Men Behold
09765Spanish National Song
09766Spanish Serenade
09767Sparkling And Bright
09768Speak To Me
09769Spring Gentle Spring
09771St Patrick Was A Gentleman
09773Star Of The Twilight
09774Stars Of The Summer Night
09775Stars Trembling O'er Us
09776Steadfast Love
09777Steal Away
09778Still As The Night
09780Stonewall Jackson`s Requiem
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09781Strangers Yet
09782Strike The Harp Gently
09785Study Of A Woman
09788Summer Days Are Coming
09791Sun Of My Soul
09797Sweet Hour Of Prayer
09798Swiss National Hymn
09801Take Back The Heart
09803Take Me Home
09807Tapping At The Garden Gate
09808Tarpaulin Jacket
09812The Banks Of Allan Water
09813The Blacksmith
09814The Bloom Is On The Rye
09815The Blue Bells Of Scotland
09816The Blue Juniata
09817The Bluebird
09818The Bowld Sojer Boy
09819The Brave Old Oak
09820The Bridge
09821The British Grenadiers
09822The Broken Ring
09823The Brown Hair'd Maiden
09825The Campbells Are Coming
09826The Carrier Dove
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09827The Cow
09828The Danube River
09829The Daughters Of Erin
09830The Dear Little Shamrock
10416The Dearest Spot
09831The Dustman
09832The Dutch Company
09833The Fairy Ring
09834The Farewell
09835The Farmer
09836The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
09839The Girl I Left Behind Me
09840The Glorious Fourth
09841The Golden Shore
09842The Good Rhine Wine
09843The Goodbye At The Door
09844The Groves Of Blarney
09846The Hardy Norseman
09847The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls
09848The Hazel Dell
09849The Heart Bow'd Down
09851The Hobby Horse
09852The Homeland O The Homeland
09853The Hour Of Parting
09854The Hour Of Prayer
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09855The Hundred Pipers
09856The Little Bird
09857The Little Drummer
09858The Little Lamb
09861The Loreley
09862The Lost Doll
09863The Mandolin Song
09864The Maple Leaf Forever
07998The Marseillaise
09866The Ninety And Nine
09867The Old Familiar Place
10422The Old Sexton
07997The Old Time
09869The Palms
09870The Pilot
09871The Poor Old Slave
09874The Red White And Blue
09875The Roast Beef Of Old England
09877The Rose
09878The Sailor's Grave
09880The Slumber Song
09881The Son Of God Goes Forth To War
09882The Spacious Firmament On High
09883The Squirrel Loves A Pleasant Chase
09884The Starlight In Thine Eyes
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09885The Sunday School Scholar
09886The Switzer's Farewell
09887The Sword Of Bunker Hill
09888The Three Sailor Boys
09889The Torpedo And The Whale
09890The Two Roses
10427The Tyroleans
09891The Wild Rose
09892The Young May Moon
09893Then You'll Remember Me
09894There Is Joy In Ev'ry Day
07999There Is Rest For The Weary
09895There's Music In The Air
09896They All Love Jack
09897Thine Eyes So Blue And Tender
09900This Old Time Religion
09901Those Evening Bells
09902Thou Hast Wounded The Spirit
09903Three Fihers
09904Three Little Kitten
09906Thy Face Is Always Near To Me
09907Thy Lovely Bright Eyes
09908Thy Name Was Once The Magic Spell
09913Tired So Tired
09914'tis All That I Can Say
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
09915'tis Said That Absence Conquers Love
09916Tit Willow
09918Tom Big Bee River
09920Too Late Too Late
09924Toreador Song
09928Tramp Tramp Tramp
09931True Love Can Ne'er Forget
09933Try Try Again
09934Turn Back Faraoh's Army
09936Twenty Years Ago
09937'twere Vain To Tell Thee All I Feel
09938Twickenham Ferry
09939Twilight Dews
09940Twilight Is Falling
09942Twinkling Stars Are Laughing Love
09943Tyrolese Mountain Song
09945Uncle Ned
09947Under The Willow She's Sleeping
09950Upon A Lowly Manger
09951Vacation Days Are Here
09953Vilia Song
09957Vive L'amour
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
09958Voices Of The Woods
09959Voyageur's Song
09960Wait For The Wagon
09961Wait Till The Clouds Roll By
09964Wake Nicodemus
09965Wake Up Jacob
09967Waltz Song
09968Waltz Song
09969Waltz Song
09970Waltz Song
09971Washington And Lincoln
09972Watch And Ward
09973We Are Coming Father Abra'am
09975We Be Three Poor Mariners
09978We Have Been Friends Together
09979We Have Lived And Loved Together
09980We Lay Us Calmly Down To Sleep
09981We May Roam Thro This World
09982We'd Better Bide A Wee
09983Welcome To Spring
08000Were I A Sunbeam
09984We're Tenting Tonight
09985Were You Ever In Rio Grand
09987What Ails This Heart O'mine
09988What Are The Wild Waves Saying
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09990What Fairy Like Music
09991What Is Home Without A Mother
09995When Gentle Winds
09996When He Cometh
09997When I Come
09999When Other Friends Are Round Thee
10000When Shall We Three Meet Again
10001When Stars Are In The Quiet Skies
10002When The Corn Is Waving
10003When The Day With Rosy Light
10004When The Lights Are Low
10006When The Swallows Homeward Fly
10007When This Cruel War Is Over
10008When You And I Were Young Mggie
10010Where Are The Friends Of My Youth
10011Where O Where
10013While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
10017Who's That Calling
10018Why Do I Weep For Thee
10019Why Do Summer Roses Fade
10020Widow Machree
10021Will You Come To The Bow'r
10022Will You Love Me Then As Now
10023Willie We Have Missed You
10035Yankee Ship And A Yankee Crew
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
10482You And I
10338Pop'n Sync
10410Tearin' Up My Heart'n Sync
08276I'm Not In Love10cc
08869Let This Go112
10205Here Without You3 Doors Down
10271Kryptonite3 Doors Down
1005093 Million Miles30 Seconds To Mars
08558Sukiyaki4 P.m.
10215How Do You Want Me To Love You911
10343Private Number911 & Fann Wong
10223I Do (cherish You)98 Degrees
08595The Hardest Thing98 Degrees
10451Upside DownA-teens
10066Age Ain't Nothing But A NumberAaliyah
08049At Your Best (you Are Love)Aaliyah
10059Aaron's Party (come Get It)Aaron Carter
10137Crush On YouAaron Carter
10094Ave MariaAaron Neville
08904Poison ArrowAbc
08988When Smokey SingsAbc
10193Goody Two ShoesAdam Ant
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
08759Chip Away The StoneAerosmith
10821Dream OnAerosmith
10861Walk This WayAerosmith
10099Because I Got HighAfroman
10166Even The Nights Are BetterAir Supply
08310Keeping The Love AliveAir Supply
08358Making Love Out Of Nothing At AllAir Supply
08414Off On Your Own GirlAl B. Sure!
08468Right NowAl B. Sure!
10278Let's Stay TogetherAl Green
10063After AllAl Jarreau
08939Spanish EyesAl Martino
08504Show And TellAl Wilson
08628Touch And GoAl Wilson
08783Drive (for Daddy Gene)Alan Jackson
08825HomeAlan Jackson
08907Rainy Day In JuneAlan Jackson
08911Remember WhenAlan Jackson
08974Too Much Of A Good ThingAlan Jackson
10174Eye In The SkyAlan Parsons Project
08617TimeAlan Parsons Project
10471Wine From The WaterAlan Parsons Project
10195Hand In My PocketAlanis Morissette
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
10196Hands CleanAlanis Morissette
10201Head Over FeetAlanis Morissette
10250IronicAlanis Morissette
10317Not The DoctorAlanis Morissette
10336PerfectAlanis Morissette
10356Right Through YouAlanis Morissette
10450UninvitedAlanis Morissette
10488You LearnAlanis Morissette
10489You Oughta KnowAlanis Morissette
08787EscapeAlice Cooper
08525Some FolksAlice Cooper
08795Finding My WayAlice Peacock
08897Only A MemoryAlice Peacock
08955Taught Me WellAlice Peacock
08971TimeAlice Peacock
08014A Woman's WorthAlicia Keys
10820Doesn't Mean AnythingAlicia Keys
08792Fallin'Alicia Keys
08253If I Ain't Got YouAlicia Keys
10842Like You'll Never See Me AgainAlicia Keys
08409Nobody Not ReallyAlicia Keys
08518Slow DownAlicia Keys
10217I Am I FeelAlisha's Attic
10462When You Say Nothing At AllAlison Krauss
08523So Much In LoveAll-4-one
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08764Come With MeAmerie
10850RehabAmy Winehouse
10200Hawaiian Wedding SongAndy Williams
08343Love Is A Many Splendored ThingAndy Williams
08690You Should Know By NowAngela Bofill
08380My Boyfriend's BackAngels
08571Sweet LoveAnita Baker
10228I Just Fall In Love AgainAnne Murray
08487Send A Little Love My WayAnne Murray
08520SnowbirdAnne Murray
08537Son Of A Rotten GamblerAnne Murray
10088Around The WorldAqua
10118Bumble BeesAqua
10126Cartoon HeroesAqua
10285Lollipop (candyman)Aqua
10818Dancing ShoesArctic Monkeys
10835I Bet You Look Good On The DancefloorArctic Monkeys
10857The View From The AfternoonArctic Monkeys
08705A Natural WomanAretha Franklin
08774Do Right Woman Do Right ManAretha Franklin
10352RespectAretha Franklin
10375Share Your Love With MeAretha Franklin
08085Bright EyesArt Garfunkel
08361Mary Was An Only ChildArt Garfunkel
08195Giving It All AwayAshlee Simpson
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08728Be The GirlAslyn
08862Just EnoughAslyn
08867Lemon LoveAslyn
10371Secret LoversAtlantic Starr
08761Coffee And CigarettesAugustana
08944Stars And BoulevardsAugustana
08949Sunday BestAugustana
08726Bat CountryAvenged Sevenfold
08922Seize The DayAvenged Sevenfold
08994Work To DoAverage White Band
08224Hooked On A FeelingB. J. Thomas
08472Rock And Roll LullabyB. J. Thomas
10249Into The NightB.b. King
10324On My Word Of HonorB.b. King
08724Back In Your ArmsB5
10070All I Have To GiveBackstreet Boys
10086Anywhere For YouBackstreet Boys
10242I'll Never Break Your HeartBackstreet Boys
08328Like A ChildBackstreet Boys
10347Quit Playing Games With My HeartBackstreet Boys
08068Best Years Of Our LivesBaha Men (shrek O.s.t)
08575Tarzan BoyBaltimore
10432This Is Your LifeBanderas
08650Walk Like An EgyptianBangles
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08366Midnight AngelBarbara Mandrell
08207Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasBarbra Streisand
08610The Way We WereBarbra Streisand
10474Woman In LoveBarbra Streisand
08905Poor Man's Moody BluesBarclay James Harvest
10123Can't Smile Without YouBarry Manilow
10133CopacabanaBarry Manilow
10134Could It Be MagicBarry Manilow
10165Even NowBarry Manilow
10367SandraBarry Manilow
08526Some Good Things Never LastBarry Manilow
08982Weekend In New EnglandBarry Manilow
08480Saturday NightBay City Rollers
10190Good VibrationsBeach Boys
10155Don't Forget To RememberBee Gees
10214How Deep Is Your LoveBee Gees
10231I Started A JokeBee Gees
10261I've Gotta Get A Message To YouBee Gees
10300MassachusettsBee Gees
10301Melody FairBee Gees
10315Night FeverBee Gees
10441To Love SomebodyBee Gees
10445TragedyBee Gees
10476WordsBee Gees
10490You Should Be DancingBee Gees
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08741Better WayBen Harper
08751Both Sides Of The GunBen Harper
08800Gather 'round The StoneBen Harper
08887Morning YearningBen Harper
10277Let Your Tears Fall BabyBig Mama Thornton
08486See You Later AlligatorBill Haley
10067Ain't No SunshineBill Withers
10274Lean On MeBill Withers
08405No RegretsBillie Holiday
08225Hot In The CityBilly Idol
08667White Wedding (part 1)Billy Idol
0870352nd StreetBilly Joel
08776Don't Ask Me WhyBilly Joel
08223HonestyBilly Joel
08294It's Still Rock And Roll To MeBilly Joel
08309Just The Way You AreBilly Joel
08375Movin' Out (anthony's Song)Billy Joel
08384My LifeBilly Joel
08399New York State Of MindBilly Joel
08443Piano ManBilly Joel
08920Say Goodbye To HollywoodBilly Joel
08496She's Always A WomanBilly Joel
08555StrangerBilly Joel
08577Tell Her About ItBilly Joel
08959The Longest TimeBilly Joel
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08645Uptown GirlBilly Joel
08981We Didn't Start The FireBilly Joel
08687You May Be RightBilly Joel
10061Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray Cyrus
08231I Can HelpBilly Swan
08951SurrenderBilly Talent
08279I'm Through With LoveBing Crosby
08291It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ChristmasBing Crosby
08498She's GoneBlack Sabbath
08027All The Small ThingsBlink 182
08842I Won't Be Home For ChristmasBlink 182
08963The Rock ShowBlink 182
08986What's My Age AgainBlink 182
08815Heart Of GlassBlondie
08308Just Go AwayBlondie
08425One Way Or AnotherBlondie
08445Picture ThisBlondie
08560Sunday GirlBlondie
08642Union City BlueBlondie
08036And When I DieBlood, Sweat & Tears
08806Go Down Gamblin'Blood, Sweat & Tears
08354Lucretia Mac EvilBlood, Sweat & Tears
08522So Long DixieBlood, Sweat & Tears
08941Spinning WheelBlood, Sweat & Tears
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10412The Bad TouchBloodhound Gang
10103Best In MeBlue
08097Coffee & T.v.Blur
08937Song 2Blur
08889My WorldBo Bice
08156Elusive ButterflyBob Lind
08102Come SundownBobby Bare
10311My PrerogativeBobby Brown
08872Little ThingsBobby Goldsboro
08186FrauleinBobby Helms
08151Easy Come Easy GoBobby Sherman
08844If I Had My WayBobby Valentino
08925Sharing YouBobby Vee
08953Take Good Care Of My BabyBobby Vee
10357Rivers Of BabylonBoney M.
10254It's A HeartacheBonnie Tyler
08627Total Eclipse Of The HeartBonnie Tyler
08739Bet ThatBow Wow
08742Big DreamsBow Wow
08116Cry Like A BabyBox Tops
08817Heels Over HeadBoys Like Girls
08820Hero/heroineBoys Like Girls
08896On Top Of The WorldBoys Like Girls
10829The Great EscapeBoys Like Girls
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08970ThunderBoys Like Girls
080054 Seasons Of LonelinessBoyz Ii Men
08293It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To YesterdayBoyz Ii Men
08418On Bended KneeBoyz Ii Men
10072All That I NeedBoyzone
10171Everyday I Love YouBoyzone
08346Love Me For A ReasonBoyzone
08710AlcoholBrad Paisley
08870Letter To MeBrad Paisley
08378Mud On The TiresBrad Paisley
10334Party LineBrass Construction
08341Lost Without Your LoveBread
08148Dum DumBrenda Lee
08626Too Many RiversBrenda Lee
10387So Good, So RightBrenda Russell
10183Ginny Come LatelyBrian Hyland
10085AnytimeBrian Mcknight
10096Back At OneBrian Mcknight
10291Love Of My LifeBrian Mcknight
10309My Kinda GirlBrian Mcknight
10429The Way Love GoesBrian Mcknight
10084AnticipatingBritney Spears
10181From The Bottom Of My Broken HeartBritney Spears
08462Rainy Night In GeorgiaBrook Benton
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08811GreenfieldsBrothers Four
10203HeavenBryan Adams
10402Summer Of '69Bryan Adams
10435This TimeBryan Adams
10289Love Is The DrugBryan Ferry
08415Oh BoyBuddy Holly
08439Peggy SueBuddy Holly
08850In The GhettoBusta Rhymes
08740BethamphetamineButch Walker
08966The Taste Of RedButch Walker
08968This Is The Sweetest Little SongButch Walker
08108Cotton FieldsC. C. R.
08246I Put A Spell On YouC. C. R.
08952Susie QC. C. R.
08885Minnie The MoocherCab Calloway
08772Dip-set ForeverCam'ron
08197Going Up The CountryCanned Heat
10380She's A Bad Mama JamaCarl Carlton
08408Nobody Does It BetterCarly Simon
08732Been To CanaanCarole King
08814Hard Rock CafeCarole King
08242I Feel The Earth MoveCarole King
08857It's Too LateCarole King
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08890NightingaleCarole King
10236I Won't Last A Day Without YouCarpenters
10237I.o.uCarry & Ron
08715Another Saturday NightCat Stevens
10844Morning Has BrokenCat Stevens
08306Just Another DreamCathy Dennis
08218Hit By LoveCe Ce Peniston
08273I'm In The MoodCe Ce Peniston
10069All By MyselfCeline Dion
10247ImmortalityCeline Dion
10256It's All Coming Back To Me NowCeline Dion
10464Where Does My Heart Beat NowCeline Dion
10246I'm Your AngelCeline Dion & R. Kelly
10091At MidnightChaka Khan
10406Sweet ThingChaka Khan
08676Would I Lie To YouCharles & Eddie
08315Kiss An Angel Good MorningCharley Pride
08533Someone Loves You HoneyCharley Pride
08961The Most Beautiful GirlCharlie Rich
08840I Want You To Want MeCheap Trick
08563SurrenderCheap Trick
10241If You Leave Me NowChicago
10459What Game Shall We Play TodayChick Corea
08673Wishful ThinkingChina Crisis
08810Good GirlChrisette Michele
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08851In This For YouChrisette Michele
10122CandymanChristina Aguilera
08848ImpossibleChristina Aguilera
08318Lady MarmaladeChristina Aguilera
10428The Voice WithinChristina Aguilera
10090Arthur's Theme (best That You Can Do)Christopher Cross
10354Ride Like The WindChristopher Cross
08723Back In The UsaChuck Berry
08303Johnny B. GoodeChuck Berry
08473Rock And Roll MusicChuck Berry
08569Sweet Little SixteenChuck Berry
08845If There's LoveCitizen Cope
08106CongratulationsCliff Richard
08559Summer HolidayCliff Richard
08631True Love WaysCliff Richard
08948SufferingCoheed & Cambria
08979Wake UpCoheed & Cambria
08983Welcome HomeCoheed & Cambria
08589The Earth, The Sun, The RainColor Me Badd
08666Where The Boys AreConnie Francis
08009A Long DecemberCounting Crows
08033American GirlsCounting Crows
08038Angels Of The SilencesCounting Crows
08040Anna BeginsCounting Crows
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08376Mr. JonesCounting Crows
08461Rain KingCounting Crows
08475Round HereCounting Crows
10064Afternoons & CoffeespoonsCrash Test Dummies
10186God Shuffled His FeetCrash Test Dummies
08136Don't It Make My Brown Eyes BlueCrystal Gayle
08637Turning AwayCrystal Gayle
08131Do You Really Want To Hurt MeCulture Club
08344Love Is LoveCulture Club
08618Time (clock Of The Heart)Culture Club
10073All Through The NightCyndi Lauper
08796Finding Out The Hard WayCynthia Rhodes
10117Brown SugarD'angelo
08799FunkdafiedDa Brat
08882May Da Funk Be Wit 'chaDa Brat
08819Hello, I'm In DelawareDallas Green
08919Save Your ScissorsDallas Green
08321Leader Of The BandDan Fogelberg
08338LongerDan Fogelberg
08485Second NatureDan Hartman
08395Never ThoughtDan Hill
08062Beautiful SundayDaniel Boone
08816HeartbreakerDanity Kane
08048At The HopDanny And The Juniors
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08658We Just DisagreeDave Mason
08119Dancing In The StreetDavid Bowie
08539Space OddityDavid Bowie
08233I Can't Find The Words To Say GoodbyeDavid Gates
08029Almost PersuadedDavid Houston
08199Got To Believe In MagicDavid Pomeranz
08313King And Queen Of HeartsDavid Pomeranz
08714Alone In The UniverseDavid Usher
08841I Will Follow You Into The DarkDeath Cab For Cutie
08934Someday You Will Be LovedDeath Cab For Cutie
08786Electric YouthDebbie Gibson
08030Am I That Easy To ForgetDebbie Reynolds
08118Dance With MeDebelah Morgan
08514Sitting In A DreamDeep Purple
08519Smoke On The WaterDeep Purple
08524Soldier Of FortuneDeep Purple
08553Strange Kind Of WomanDeep Purple
10077Always The Last To KnowDel Amitri
10204Here And NowDel Amitri
10270Kiss This Thing GoodbyeDel Amitri
10359Roll To MeDel Amitri
08167Everything CountsDepeche Mode
08528SomebodyDepeche Mode
08554Strange LoveDepeche Mode
08347Love Me Like A ManDiana Krall
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08022Ain't No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross
08130Do You Know Where You're Goin' ToDiana Ross
10240If We Hold On TogetherDiana Ross
08550Stop! In The Name Of LoveDiana Ross
08629Touch Me In The MorningDiana Ross
10826Fire EscapeDiane Birch
10846Nothing But A MiracleDiane Birch
10859ValentinoDiane Birch
08098Cold Day In JulyDixie Chicks
08216Hey BabyDj Otzi
10188Good EnoughDodgy
08456Put It Off Until TomorrowDolly Parton
10452VincentDon Mclean
08230I Believe In YouDon Williams
10389Some Broken Hearts Never MendDon Williams
08652Walkin' A Broken HeartDon Williams
08257If I Needed YouDon Williams & Emmylou Harris
10297Macarthur ParkDonna Summer
08390Need A Little Taste Of LoveDoobie Brothers
08843If I Give My Heart To YouDoris Day
10305Move Over DarlingDoris Day
08073Black & White TownDoves
08424One Of These DaysDoves
08492Shadows Of SalfordDoves
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08928Sky Starts FallingDoves
08531Someday SoonDoves
08649Walk In FireDoves
08898Only SixteenDr. Hook
08490Sexy EyesDr. Hook
08989When You're In Love With A Beautiful WomanDr. Hook
10097Barely BreathingDuncan Sheik
08713All She Wants IsDuran Duran
08103Come UndoneDuran Duran
08805Girls On FilmDuran Duran
08287Is There Something I Should Know?Duran Duran
08412NotoriousDuran Duran
08428Ordinary WorldDuran Duran
08470RioDuran Duran
08607The ReflexDuran Duran
08670Wild BoysDuran Duran
08602The Look Of LoveDusty Springfield
08823Hold On TightE.l.o.
08397New Kid In TownEagles
08221Holding Her And Loving YouEarl Thomas Conley
08019After The Love Has GoneEarth, Wind & Fire
08171FantasyEarth, Wind & Fire
08502Shining StarEarth, Wind & Fire
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10089Around The WorldEast 17
10144DeepEast 17
10152Do U StillEast 17
10208Hold My Body TightEast 17
10213House Of LoveEast 17
10257It's Alright (album Version)East 17
10395Stay Another DayEast 17
10397SteamEast 17
10438ThunderEast 17
10262I've Never Found A GirlEddie Floyd
08784Drivin' My Life AwayEddie Rabbitt
08809Gone Too FarEddie Rabbitt
08243I Just Want To Love YouEddie Rabbitt
08245I Love A Rainy NightEddie Rabbitt
08474Rocky Mountain MusicEddie Rabbitt
08497She's Coming Back To Say GoodbyeEddie Rabbitt
08638Two Dollars In The JukeboxEddie Rabbitt
10460What I AmEdie Brickell
08655WarEdwin Starr
08057Ballad Of Bitter HoneyEef Barzelay
08133Don't Bring Me DownElectric Light Orchestra
08320Last Train To LondonElectric Light Orchestra
08367Midnight BlueElectric Light Orchestra
08576Telephone LineElectric Light Orchestra
08987When My Sugar Walks Down The StreetElla Fitzgerald
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10105Between The BarsElliott Smith
10218I Better Be Quiet NowElliott Smith
10102Bennie And The JetsElton John
10136Crocodile RockElton John
10141DanielElton John
10180FriendsElton John
10182Funeral For A FriendElton John
10192Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadElton John
10211Honky CatElton John
10279LevonElton John
10358Rocket Man (i Think It's Going...)Elton John
10369Saturday Night's Alright For FightingElton John
10384Skyline PigeonElton John
10440Tiny DancerElton John
10494Your SongElton John
10074Almost BlueElvis Costello
10052A Fool Such As IElvis Presley
10108Blue ChristmasElvis Presley
08077Blue Suede ShoesElvis Presley
08209Heartbreak HotelElvis Presley
08297I've Got A Thing About You BabyElvis Presley
08369Moody BlueElvis Presley
08453Polk Salad AnnieElvis Presley
08463Raised On RockElvis Presley
08489Separate WaysElvis Presley
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10431The Wonder Of YouElvis Presley
10845My Weakness Is None Of Your BusinessEmbrace
08069Big Big WorldEmilia
08386My Name IsEminem
08625Too Far GoneEmmylou Harris
08822Hold OnEn Vogue
08888My Lovin' (you're Never Gonna Get It)En Vogue
08163Everybody Knows We're ThroughEngelbert Humperdinck
08598The Last WaltzEngelbert Humperdinck
08426Only TimeEnya
08429Orinoco FlowEnya
10312Never Gonna Fall In Love AgainEric Carmen
10127Change The WorldEric Clapton
10448Tulsa TimeEric Clapton
08374Mother-in-lawErnie K-doe
08590The Final CountdownEurope
08117Crying In The RainEverly Brothers
08132Don't Blame MeEverly Brothers
08579TemptationEverly Brothers
08484Seasons ChangeExpose
08746Blame It On The Bossa NovaEydie Gorme
10115Bringing Out The ElvisFaith Hill
08296It's Your LoveFaith Hill & Tim Mcgraw
08177Fire EscapeFastball
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08901Out Of My HeadFastball
08709Ain't That A ShameFats Domino
08727Be My GuestFats Domino
08807Goin' HomeFats Domino
08001100 YearsFive For Fighting
08835I Just Love YouFive For Fighting
08071Big LoveFleetwood Mac
10172EverywhereFleetwood Mac
10221I DoFleetwood Mac
10101Believe MeFort Minor
08063Beauty And MadnessFra Lippo Lippi
08779Don't Take Away That LightFra Lippo Lippi
08790Everytime I See YouFra Lippo Lippi
08527Some PeopleFra Lippo Lippi
08588The Distance Between UsFra Lippo Lippi
08028Almost Like Being In LoveFrank Sinatra
08749Blue MoonFrank Sinatra
08142Don't Worry 'bout MeFrank Sinatra
08180Fly Me To The MoonFrank Sinatra
08370Moonlight SerenadeFrank Sinatra
08398New York New YorkFrank Sinatra
08512Singing In The RainFrank Sinatra
10400Strangers In The NightFrank Sinatra
08608The Second Time AroundFrank Sinatra
10430The Way You Look TonightFrank Sinatra
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08381My Eyes Adored YouFranky Vally
10449Turn On, Tune In, Cop OutFreak Power
08913Roses Are RedFreddy Fender
08656Wasted Days And Wasted NightsFreddy Fender
10418The Fun Lovin' CriminalFun Lovin' Criminals
10314Nice To Be With YouGallery
08756Calling Baton RougeGarth Brooks
10239If Tomorrow Never ComesGarth Brooks
08337Long Neck BottleGarth Brooks
08548Still Got The BluesGary Moore
100497~6~5~4~3~2~1 (blow Your Whistle)Gary Toms Empire
08340Looking Through The Eyes Of LoveGene Pitney
08419On BroadwayGeorge Benson
08592The Grand TourGeorge Jones
08236I Cross My HeartGeorge Strait
08262If You Ain't Lovin' (you Ain't Livin')George Strait
08616Ticket To The TropicsGerard Joling
08379My BooGhost Town Dj's
10104Best Thing That Ever Happened To MeGladys Knight & The Pips
08789Everybody Needs LoveGladys Knight & The Pips
08258If I Were Your WomanGladys Knight & The Pips
10302MenGladys Knight & The Pips
10304Midnight Train To GeorgiaGladys Knight & The Pips
08190GalvestonGlen Campbell
08632Try A Little KindnessGlen Campbell
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10469Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell
10156Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingGloria Estefan
10234I Will SurviveGloria Gaynor
10815Big MachineGoo Goo Dolls
08074Black BalloonGoo Goo Dolls
10819DizzyGoo Goo Dolls
08853IrisGoo Goo Dolls
08388NameGoo Goo Dolls
08836I Just Wanna LiveGood Charlotte
10345Pull Up To The BumperGrace Jones
08511Since I Don't Have YouGuns N' Roses
08878Lovesick BluesHank Williams
08707Ain't Misbehavin'Hank Williams, Jr.
08540SpacemanHarry Nilsson
08260If Looks Could KillHeart
08023Ain't No Way To Treat A LadyHelen Reddy
10224I Don't Know How To Love HimHelen Reddy
08847I'm Henry Viii I AmHerman's Hermits
08274I'm Into Something GoodHerman's Hermits
08611This Door Swings Both WaysHerman's Hermits
08768Cry Cry CryHighway 101
08300Jingle Bell RockHilary Duff
10568Better Than MeHinder
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10834Homecoming QueenHinder
10778Lips Of An AngelHinder
10454Want AdsHoney Cone
10253It Started With A KissHot Chocolate
08998You Sexy ThingHot Chocolate
10390Something WildIggy Pop
08704A Fool In LoveIke & Tina Turner
08401Nice To Know YouIncubus
08437Pardon MeIncubus
08672Wish You Were HereIncubus
08170FameIrene Cara
08697You're Only LonelyJ.d. Souther
10142Dear HeartJack Jones
08090Carolina In My MindJames Taylor
08110Country RoadJames Taylor
08137Don't Let Me Be Lonely TonightJames Taylor
08160Enough To Be On Your WayJames Taylor
08176Fire And RainJames Taylor
08203Handy ManJames Taylor
08229How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You)James Taylor
08256If I Keep My Heart Out Of SightJames Taylor
08935Something In The Way She MovesJames Taylor
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08565Sweet Baby JamesJames Taylor
08653Walking ManJames Taylor
08654WanderingJames Taylor
08695Your Smiling FaceJames Taylor
08698You've Got A FriendJames Taylor
10811All At SeaJamie Cullum
10858TwentysomethingJamie Cullum
10824Feels Just Like It ShouldJamiroquai
08444Picture Of My LifeJamiroquai
10860Virtual InsanityJamiroquai
08144Drag CityJan & Dean
08333Little Old Lady From PasadenaJan & Dean
08396New Girl In SchoolJan & Dean
08107ControlJanet Jackson
08349Love Will Never Do (without You)Janet Jackson
08606The Pleasure PrincipleJanet Jackson
08500She's Single AgainJanie Fricke
08047At SeventeenJanis Ian
08883Me And Bobby McgeeJanis Joplin
10100Believe In UsJay Jay Johanson
10442Tobacco RoadJefferson Airplane
08407No Way OutJefferson Starship
10325On The Wings Of LoveJeffrey Osborne
08421Once More With FeelingJerry Lee Lewis
08663What's Made Milwaukee FamousJerry Lee Lewis
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10194Guess WhoJesse Belvin
10292Love StruckJesse Johnson
08908Real Real RealJesus Jones
08912Right Here Right NowJesus Jones
108071000 Miles AwayJewel
08081Break MeJewel
08166Everything Breaks SometimesJewel
10828Goodbye Alice In WonderlandJewel
08200Grey MatterJewel
08317Kiss The FlameJewel
08323Leave The Lights OnJewel
08389Near You AlwaysJewel
08478Run 2 UJewel
08605The New Wild WestJewel
10865Where You AreJewel
08668Who Will Save Your SoulJewel
10053A Long WalkJill Scott
10146DestinyJim Brickman
10492Your LoveJim Brickman Feat. Michelle Wright
08744BimboJim Reeves
08127Distant DrumsJim Reeves
08798Four WallsJim Reeves
08211He'll Have To GoJim Reeves
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10475Wonderful World, Beautiful PeopleJimmy Cliff
10485You Can Get It If You Really WantJimmy Cliff
08158Endless SleepJody Reynolds
10316No One Else Comes CloseJoe
10319N'oublier JamaisJoe Cocker
10484You Are So BeautifulJoe Cocker
08281ImagineJohn Lennon
08342LoveJohn Lennon
08417Oh My LoveJohn Lennon
08545(just Like) Starting OverJohn Lennon
08675WomanJohn Lennon
10468Who's Making LoveJohnnie Taylor
10376Shattered DreamsJohnny Hates Jazz
08410North To AlaskaJohnny Horton
08927Sink The BismarckJohnny Horton
08008A Certain SmileJohnny Mathis
10363Running BearJohnny Preston
08984We're OverJohnny Rodriguez
08061Beautiful In My EyesJoshua Kadison
08733Before The DawnJudas Priest
08364Metal GodsJudas Priest
10849PainkillerJudas Priest
08964The SentinelJudas Priest
09000You've Got Another Thing ComingJudas Priest
08431Over The RainbowJudy Garland
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08215HeyJulio Iglesias
08271I'm Down To My Last CigaretteK. D. Lang
08449Please Don't GoK.c. & The Sunshine Band
08493(shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your BootyK.c. & The Sunshine Band
08975Too ShyKajagoogoo
08149Dust In The WindKansas
08219Hold OnKansas
08465Reason To BeKansas
08101Come From The HeartKathy Mattea
10862Walking On SunshineKatrina & The Waves
10051A Bad DreamKeane
10138Crystal BallKeane
10170Everybody's ChangingKeane
10251Is It Any WonderKeane
10839Just Missed The TrainKelly Clarkson
08661What Matters MostKenny Rankin
10377She Believes In MeKenny Rogers
08536Something's BurningKenny Rogers
10437Through The YearsKenny Rogers
08682You Decorated My LifeKenny Rogers
08791Everytime Two Fools CollideKenny Rogers & Dottie West
10154Don't Fall In Love With A DreamerKenny Rogers & Kim Carnes
10361Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To TownKenny Rogers & The First Edition
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10255It's A Real Good FeelingKent Peter
08860I've Got The Music In MeKiki Dee
08371More LoveKim Carnes
08311Kids In AmericaKim Wilde
10107BionicKing Adora
10163EpitaphKing Crimson
10396Stay Out Of TroubleKings Of Convenience
10075Alone I BreakKorn
10177For The Good TimesKris Kristofferson
08213Help Me Make It Through The NightKris Kristofferson
08669Why MeKris Kristofferson
10132Confide In MeKylie Minogue
08599The LocomotionKylie Minogue
08757Can't Let GoLandon Pigg
08916Sailed OnLandon Pigg
08402Night Time MagicLarry Gatlin
08546Statues Without HeartsLarry Gatlin
08946Stoney EndLaura Nyro
10398SteepLauren Christy
08467Ride Your PonyLee Dorsey
08020AgainLenny Kravitz
08179Fly AwayLenny Kravitz
08288It Ain't Over 'til It's OverLenny Kravitz
08372More Than I Can SayLeo Sayer
10210HomelessLeona Lewis
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10207HighLighthouse Family
10280LiftedLighthouse Family
10287Lost In SpaceLighthouse Family
10321Ocean DriveLighthouse Family
10340Postcards From HeavenLighthouse Family
10346Question Of FaithLighthouse Family
10349RaincloudLighthouse Family
08065Behind Blue EyesLimp Bizkit
10109BoilerLimp Bizkit
10360Rollin'Limp Bizkit
10457What A ManLinda Lyndell
08241I Fall In Love Too EasilyLinda Ronstadt
10286Long Long TimeLinda Ronstadt
10055A Place For My HeadLinkin Park
10135CrawlingLinkin Park
10320NumbLinkin Park
10329One Step CloserLinkin Park
10332PapercutLinkin Park
10392Somewhere I BelongLinkin Park
10206Hey! Ba~ba~re~bopLionel Hampton And His Orchestra
08150EasyLionel Richie
08894Oh NoLionel Richie
08915Sail OnLionel Richie
08945StillLionel Richie
10222I DoLisa Loeb
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10394Stay (i Missed You)Lisa Loeb
10068All Around The WorldLisa Stansfield
10150Directly From My Heart To YouLittle Richard
10284Little Richard's BoogieLittle Richard
08765Cool ChangeLittle River Band
08874Lonesome LoserLittle River Band
10071All Over YouLive
10493Your Mama Don't DanceLoggins & Messina
08075Black Is BlackLos Bravos
10830HeavenLos Lonely Boys
08488SenoritaLos Lonely Boys
087024 Am ForeverLostprophets
08359Mambo No. 5 (a Little Bit Of...)Lou Bega
08440Perfect DayLou Reed
08651Walk On The Wild SideLou Reed
08665When You're SmilingLouis Armstrong
08827Hot Girls In LoveLoverboy
08459Queen Of The Broken HeartsLoverboy
08995Working For The WeekendLoverboy
08129Do You Believe In MagicLovin' Spoonful
08541Stand UpLudacris
08972To Sir With LoveLulu
10275Leave You Far BehindLunatic Calm
08157Emotion EyesLuther Vandross
10342Pretty BoyM2m
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
08052Baby Don't Get Hooked On MeMac Davis
08833I Believe In MusicMac Davis
08900Our HouseMadness
10079American PieMadonna
10153Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaMadonna
08881Material GirlMadonna
08114CrushMandy Moore
08115CryMandy Moore
08316Kiss And Say GoodbyeManhattans
10391Something's Gotten Hold Of My HeartMarc Almond
08248I Still BelieveMariah Carey
08270I'll Be ThereMariah Carey
10436Through The RainMariah Carey
10244I'm Gonna Play The Honky TonksMarie Adams
10065Against The WindMarie Brennan
08046Astonishing Panorama Of The EndtimesMarilyn Manson
08109Count To Six And DieMarilyn Manson
08586The Death SongMarilyn Manson
08931So FineMario Winans
08086Brother JukeboxMark Chesnutt
08624Too Cold At HomeMark Chesnutt
10198Harder To BreatheMaroon 5
10379She Will Be LovedMaroon 5
10405Sunday MorningMaroon 5
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10408Sweetest GoodbyeMaroon 5
10434This LoveMaroon 5
10453Wake Up CallMaroon 5
08762Come And Get These MemoriesMartha & The Vandellas
08299Jimmy MackMartha & The Vandellas
10323Of All The ThingsMartin Nievera
08441Perfect MomentMartine Mccutcheon
08324Let's Get It OnMarvin Gaye
08362Mercy Mercy MeMarvin Gaye
08924Sexual HealingMarvin Gaye
08623Too Busy Thinking About My BabyMarvin Gaye
08662What's Going OnMarvin Gaye
08708Ain't Nothing Like The Real ThingMarvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
08780Down At The Twist And ShoutMary Chapin Carpenter
08222Hometown GirlMary Chapin Carpenter
08828How DoMary Chapin Carpenter
08506Shut Up And Kiss MeMary Chapin Carpenter
08535Something Of A DreamerMary Chapin Carpenter
08969Those Were The DaysMary Hopkin
08891No More DramaMary J. Blige
10407Sweet ThingMary J. Blige
08491Shackles (praise You)Mary Mary
08892Nothing Left To LoseMat Kearney
08067BentMatchbox Twenty
08266If You're GoneMatchbox Twenty
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08909Real WorldMatchbox Twenty
08644UnwellMatchbox Twenty
08188From Russia With LoveMatt Monro
08383My Kind Of GirlMatt Monro
08859I've Been WaitingMatthew Sweet
10187Gonna Get Along Without You NowMaureen Mcgovern
08307Just For Old Time's SakeMcguire Sisters
08821Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss MeMel Carter
08143Down UnderMen At Work
08432OverkillMen At Work
08990Who Can It Be NowMen At Work
10339Pop Goes The WorldMen Without Hats
10425The Safety DanceMen Without Hats
10114Bring The PainMethod Man
08227How Am I Supposed To Live Without YouMichael Bolton
08464Reach Out I'll Be ThereMichael Bolton
08584That's What Love Is All AboutMichael Bolton
08173Feeling GoodMichael Buble
08481Save The Last Dance For MeMichael Buble
08736BenMichael Jackson
08422One Day In Your LifeMichael Jackson
10483You Are Not AloneMichael Jackson
0800425 MinutesMichael Learns To Rock
08082Breaking My HeartMichael Learns To Rock
08105Complicated HeartMichael Learns To Rock
Magic Sing ET19KV 2045 Song Chip at WebbyShop
08185Forever And A DayMichael Learns To Rock
08228How Many HoursMichael Learns To Rock
08249I Wanna DanceMichael Learns To Rock
08264If You Leave My WorldMichael Learns To Rock
08272I'm Gonna Come BackMichael Learns To Rock
08350Love Will Never LieMichael Learns To Rock
08411Nothing To LoseMichael Learns To Rock
08413Ocean Of LoveMichael Learns To Rock
08430Out Of The BlueMichael Learns To Rock
08902Paint My LoveMichael Learns To Rock
08516Sleeping ChildMichael Learns To Rock
08530SomedayMichael Learns To Rock
08936Something RightMichael Learns To Rock
08585That's Why (you Go Away)Michael Learns To Rock
08671Wild WomenMichael Learns To Rock
08997You Keep Me RunningMichael Learns To Rock
08692You Took My Heart AwayMichael Learns To Rock
08302JoanneMichael Nesmith
08392Nevada FighterMichael Nesmith
08509Silver MoonMichael Nesmith
08336Lonely NightsMickey Gilley
10238If I WasMidge Ure
10106Big Girl (you Are Beautiful)Mika
10230I Melt With YouModern English
08181For My LadyMoody Blues
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08403Nights In White SatinMoody Blues
08621To Be With YouMr. Big
10866Wild WorldMr. Big
10318Nothing But LoveMr.big
10827Ghost Of YouMy Chemical Romance
10831Heaven Help UsMy Chemical Romance
10837I'm Not Okay (i Promise)My Chemical Romance
10863Welcome To The Black ParadeMy Chemical Romance
08420On Green Dolphin StreetNancy Wilson
08454Prelude To A KissNancy Wilson
08172FascinationNat King Cole
08875L-o-v-eNat King Cole
08552Straighten Up And Fly RightNat King Cole
08570Sweet LorraineNat King Cole
10472Wishing I Was ThereNatalie Imbruglia
10383Sign Me UpNe-yo
08083Breaking Up Is Hard To DoNeil Sedaka
08755Calendar GirlNeil Sedaka
08813Happy Birthday Sweet SixteenNeil Sedaka
08332Little DevilNeil Sedaka
08400Next Door To AngelNeil Sedaka
08416Oh CarolNeil Sedaka
08557Stupid CupidNeil Sedaka
08587The DiaryNeil Sedaka
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08648Wait Till You See My BabyNeil Sedaka
08688You Mean Everything To MeNeil Sedaka
08275I'm Like A Bird (i'll Only Fly Away)Nelly Furtado
08933Somebody To LoveNelly Furtado
08635Turn Off The LightNelly Furtado
0800799 Red BalloonsNena
08278I'm Still In Love With YouNew Edition
08204Hangin' ToughNew Kids On The Block
08267I'll Be Loving You (forever)New Kids On The Block
08903Please Don't Go GirlNew Kids On The Block
08547Step By StepNew Kids On The Block
08685You Got It (the Right Stuff)New Kids On The Block
08826Hot Child In The CityNick Gilder
08017About A GirlNirvana
08711All ApologiesNirvana
08099Come As You AreNirvana
10157Don't SpeakNo Doubt
10173Ex GirlfriendNo Doubt
10814Back To ManhattanNorah Jones
10816Chasing PiratesNorah Jones
08100Come Away With MeNorah Jones
08622ToesNorah Jones
10864What Am I To YouNorah Jones
08037Angel Of The MorningOlivia Newton John
08208Heart AttackOlivia Newton John
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08442PhysicalOlivia Newton John
08996XanaduOlivia Newton John & E.l.o.
08858I've Been Loving You Too LongOtis Redding
10417(sittin' On) The Dock Of The BayOtis Redding
08217Hey YaOutkast
08377Ms. JacksonOutkast
08620Time Won't Let MeOutsiders
10202HeartbreakerPat Benatar
08980We BelongPat Benatar
08035AnastasiaPat Boone
08716April LovePat Boone
08499She's Like The WindPatrick Swayze
10313New AttitudePatti Labelle
08832Hush, Hush, Sweet CharlottePatti Page
08368Mockin' Bird HillPatti Page
08895Old Cape CodPatti Page
08112Crazy LovePaul Anka
08126DianaPaul Anka
08134Don't Ever Leave MePaul Anka
08238I Don't Like To Sleep AlonePaul Anka
08295It's Time To CryPaul Anka
08435PapaPaul Anka
08455Puppy LovePaul Anka
08457Put Your Head On My ShoulderPaul Anka
08600The Longest DayPaul Anka
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08680You Are My DestinyPaul Anka
08041Another DayPaul Mccartney
08059Band On The RunPaul Mccartney
08154Ebony And IvoryPaul Mccartney
08298JetPaul Mccartney
08868Let 'em InPaul Mccartney
08330Listen To What The Man SaidPaul Mccartney
08334Live And Let DiePaul Mccartney
08385My LovePaul Mccartney
08404No More Lonely NightsPaul Mccartney
08508Silly Love SongsPaul Mccartney
08104Coming UpPaul Mccartney & Wings
08993With A Little LuckPaul Mccartney & Wings
08286Is It Okay If I Call You MinePaul Mccrane
08831HungryPaul Revere & The Raiders
10386Smoke Gets In Your EyesPaul Whiteman & His Orchestra
08076Blowing Kisses In The WindPaula Abdul
08899Opposites AttractPaula Abdul
08479Rush RushPaula Abdul
08551Straight UpPaula Abdul
10353ReunitedPeaches & Herb
10264Johnny GuitarPeggy Lee
08954Take Time To Know HerPercy Sledge
10081And I Love You SoPerry Como
08251I Want To GivePerry Como
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10258It's ImpossiblePerry Como
08196Go WestPet Shop Boys
10095Baby, I Love Your WayPeter Frampton
08743Big TimePeter Gabriel
08284In Your EyesPeter Gabriel
08515Sledge HammerPeter Gabriel
08255If I Had A HammerPeter, Paul & Mary
08201Groovy Kind Of LovePhil Collins
08681You Can't Hurry LovePhil Collins
08138Don't Let Me Get MePink
10823Family PortraitPink
08834I Have Seen The RainPink
08863Just Like A PillPink
10168Every Rose Has Its ThornPoison
08013A Whiter Shade Of PaleProcol Halum
08268I'll Be Missing YouPuff Daddy & Faith Evans
10151Disco 2000Pulp
08044Another One Bites The DustQueen
08078Bohemian RhapsodyQueen
08111Crazy Little Thing Called LoveQueen
08778Don't Stop Me NowQueen
08250I Want To Break FreeQueen
08348Love Of My LifeQueen
08357Made In HeavenQueen
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08460Radio Ga GaQueen
08918Save MeQueen
08529Somebody To LoveQueen
08609The Show Must Go OnQueen
08657We Are The ChampionsQueen
08659We Will Rock YouQueen
08696You're My Best FriendQueen
08507Silent LucidityQueensryche
10478Worn Me DownRachael Yamagata
08578Temple Of The KingRainbow
10197Hard Rock Bottom Of Your HeartRandy Travis
08802Get Ready (short Version)Rare Earth
08191Georgia On My MindRay Charles
10243I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of TownRay Charles
10265Just For A ThrillRay Charles
08477RubyRay Charles
08192GhostbustersRay Parker Jr.
08674Witch Queen Of New OrleansRedbone
0870120 Years Of SnowRegina Spektor
10825FidelityRegina Spektor
10847On The RadioRegina Spektor
08583That Rock Won't RollRestless Heart
10809A Song For The LoversRichard Ashcroft
10378She Wants To Dance With MeRick Astley
08880Mary JaneRick James
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08950Super FreakRick James
08280I'm Walkin'Ricky Nelson
10495You're My MateRight Said Fred
10273Lay Your Love On MeRoachford
10330Only To Be With YouRoachford
10443This GenerationRoachford
08788Ever The SameRob Thomas
08873Little WondersRob Thomas
10056A Place To CrashRobbie Williams
10382She's The OneRobbie Williams
10393Spread Your WingsRobbie Williams
10167Every Kinda PeopleRobert Palmer
08719Are You NervousRock Kills Kid
08812Handbags And GladragsRod Stewart
08226Hot LegsRod Stewart
08240I Don't Want To Talk About ItRod Stewart
10364SailingRod Stewart
08973Tonight's The NightRod Stewart
10162Durham TownRoger Whittaker
08574Talking In Your SleepRomantics
08450Please Don't Tell Me How The Story EndsRonnie Milsap
10299Make LuvRoom 5
08712All In Your HeadRooney
08718Are They Afraid?Rooney
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08735Believe In MeRooney
08777Don't Come Around AgainRooney
10130Closer Than CloseRosie Gaines
08094Church Of Your HeartRoxette
08766Crash! Boom! Bang!Roxette
08146Dressed For SuccessRoxette
08168Fading Like A FlowerRoxette
08829How Do You Do!Roxette
08289It Must Have Been LoveRoxette
08331Listen To Your HeartRoxette
08517Sleeping In My CarRoxette
08940Spending My TimeRoxette
08601The LookRoxette
08992Wish I Could FlyRoxette
08684You Don't Understand MeRoxette
10139Dance AwayRoxy Music
10420The Memphis TrainRufus Thomas
10411TerminalRupert Holmes
10433This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'Ruth Brown
10232I Thank YouSam & Dave
10176(i Love You) For Sentimental ReasonsSam Cooke
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08957Tell Me A LieSami Jo
08010A Lover's ConcertoSarah Vaughan
10841LauraScissor Sisters
10856Take Your MamaScissor Sisters
10076Always SomewhereScorpions
10083Another Piece Of MeatScorpions
10373Send Me An AngelScorpions
10399Still Loving YouScorpions
10461When The Smoke Is Going DownScorpions
10470Wind Of ChangeScorpions
10366San FranciscoScott Mckenzie
08556Stranger By The DayShades Apart
08322Leader Of The PackShangri-las
08910Remember (walking In The Sand)Shangri-las
08568Sweet Like ChocolateShanks N Bigfoot
08355LullabyShawn Mullins
08184For Your Eyes OnlySheena Easton
08125Diamonds Are ForeverShirley Bassey
10113Bridge Over Troubled WaterSimon & Garfunkel
10306Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel
10414The BoxerSimon & Garfunkel
10426The Sound Of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel
08024Alive And KickingSimple Minds
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08169FairgroundSimply Red
08183For Your BabiesSimply Red
08220Holding Back The YearsSimply Red
08482Say You Love MeSimply Red
08543StarsSimply Red
10121Call MeSkyy
08722Baby That's BackatchaSmokey Robinson
08113Cruisin'Smokey Robinson
10268Just To See HerSmokey Robinson
08066Being With YouSmokey Robinson & The Miracles
08838I Second That EmotionSmokey Robinson & The Miracles
08025All I Ever Need Is YouSonny & Cher
08521So Far AwayStaind
108084 To The FloorStarsailor
08849In The CrossfireStarsailor
08985Whatever You WantStatus Quo
10381She's GoneSteel Heart
10335PegSteely Dan
10351Reelin' In The YearsSteely Dan
08854It Might Be YouStephen Bishop
10145Deeper Shade Of BlueSteps
10327One For SorrowSteps
10199Have A Nice DayStereophonics
08327Life's HighwaySteve Wariner
08012A Place In The SunStevie Wonder
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10813AsStevie Wonder
08182For Once In My LifeStevie Wonder
10833Higher GroundStevie Wonder
10836I Just Called To Say I Love YouStevie Wonder
10838Isn't She LovelyStevie Wonder
10840LatelyStevie Wonder
10851Ribbon In The SkyStevie Wonder
10855SuperstitionStevie Wonder
08678Yester Me Yester You YesterdayStevie Wonder
08060Be Still My Beating HeartSting
08159Englishman In New YorkSting
08174Fields Of GoldSting
08254If I Ever Lose My Faith In YouSting
08314King Of PainSting
08494Shape Of My HeartSting
08596The Hounds Of WinterSting
10496You're The Best ThingStyle Council
10131Come Sail AwayStyx
10413The Beautiful OnesSuede
10184Give A Little BitSupertramp
10260It's Raining AgainSupertramp
10419The Logical SongSupertramp
08505Shower Me With Your LoveSurface
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10421The Moment Of TruthSurvivor
10087Arms Of MarySutherland Brothers And Quiver
08760Chyna GirlSweetbox
08141Don't Push MeSweetbox
08326Life Is CoolSweetbox
08084BreakoutSwing Out Sister
08689You On My MindSwing Out Sister
10245I'm So Into YouSwv
10333Party GirlT-bone Walker
10169Everybody DanceTa Mara & The Seen
08011A Million Love SongsTake That
08053Back For GoodTake That
08043Another Lonely SongTammy Wynette
08198Good Lovin' (makes It Right)Tammy Wynette
08239I Don't Wanna Play HouseTammy Wynette
08312Kids Say The Darndest ThingsTammy Wynette
08513Singing My SongTammy Wynette
08942Stand By Your ManTammy Wynette
08573Take Me To Your WorldTammy Wynette
08679You And MeTammy Wynette
08694Your Good Girl's Gonna Go BadTammy Wynette
08124Delta DawnTanya Tucker
08214Here's Some LoveTanya Tucker
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10158Don't Take Away The MusicTavares
10252It Only Takes A MinuteTavares
08056Badman's SongTears For Fears
08080Break It Down AgainTears For Fears
08092ChangeTears For Fears
08164Everybody Wants To Rule The WorldTears For Fears
08503ShoutTears For Fears
08351Lover GirlTeena Marie
08089Careful What You Wish ForTexas
08921Say What You WantTexas
08070Big Girls Don't CryThe 4 Seasons
08121December 1963 (oh What A Night)The 4 Seasons
08495SherryThe 4 Seasons
08717AquariusThe 5th Dimension
10220(last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At AllThe 5th Dimension
08335Living Together Growing TogetherThe 5th Dimension
08352Love's Lines Angles And RhymesThe 5th Dimension
08549Stoned Soul PicnicThe 5th Dimension
08566Sweet BlindnessThe 5th Dimension
08660Wedding Bell BluesThe 5th Dimension
08597The House Of The Rising SunThe Animals
08877Love ShackThe B-52's
08471RoamThe B-52's
10120California GirlsThe Beach Boys
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10159Don't Worry BabyThe Beach Boys
08189Fun Fun FunThe Beach Boys
10226I Get AroundThe Beach Boys
10283Little HondaThe Beach Boys
08483School DaysThe Beach Boys
08562Surfin' U. S. A.The Beach Boys
10480Wouldn't It Be NiceThe Beach Boys
08187Free As A BirdThe Beatles
08345Love Me DoThe Beatles
08433P.s. I Love YouThe Beatles
10337Perfect 10The Beautiful South
10810Again And AgainThe Bird And The Bee
08058Ballad Of Easy RiderThe Byrds
08636Turn Turn TurnThe Byrds
10062AdrienneThe Calling
10331Our LivesThe Calling
10465Wherever You Will GoThe Calling
10124CarnivalThe Cardigans
10164Erase And RewindThe Cardigans
10294LovefoolThe Cardigans
10308My Favorite GameThe Cardigans
10057A Song For YouThe Carpenters
08747Bless The Beasts And The ChildrenThe Carpenters
10175For All We KnowThe Carpenters
10191Goodbye To LoveThe Carpenters
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10216Hurting Each OtherThe Carpenters
10227I Have YouThe Carpenters
10229I Kept On Loving YouThe Carpenters
08292It's Going To Take Some TimeThe Carpenters
10276Let Me Be The OneThe Carpenters
10290Love Me For What I AmThe Carpenters
10303Merry Christmas DarlingThe Carpenters
08451Please Mr. PostmanThe Carpenters
10350Rainy Days And MondaysThe Carpenters
10368SandyThe Carpenters
10444Top Of The WorldThe Carpenters
10456We've Only Just BegunThe Carpenters
10481Yesterday Once MoreThe Carpenters
10161DriveThe Cars
10298MagicThe Cars
08752Brick HouseThe Commodores
08614Three Times A LadyThe Commodores
10092At Your SideThe Corrs
10178Forgiven Not ForgottenThe Corrs
10185Give Me A ReasonThe Corrs
10293Love To Love YouThe Corrs
10328One NightThe Corrs
10348RadioThe Corrs
10362RunawayThe Corrs
10388So YoungThe Corrs
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10403Summer SunshineThe Corrs
10424The Right TimeThe Corrs
10458What Can I DoThe Corrs
10479Would You Be HappierThe Corrs
10080AnalyseThe Cranberries
10082Animal InstinctThe Cranberries
10160DreamsThe Cranberries
10179Free To DecideThe Cranberries
10219I Can't Be With YouThe Cranberries
10266Just My ImaginationThe Cranberries
10281LingerThe Cranberries
10322Ode To My FamilyThe Cranberries
10344PromisesThe Cranberries
10355Ridiculous ThoughtsThe Cranberries
10365SalvationThe Cranberries
10463When You're GoneThe Cranberries
10497ZombieThe Cranberries
10401Street LifeThe Crusaders
08978UptownThe Crystals
08745Bits And PiecesThe Dave Clark Five
10843Love It When You CallThe Feeling
10853SewnThe Feeling
10867Without YouThe Feeling
08771Ding Dong! The Witch Is DeadThe Fifth Estate
08612This Golden RingThe Fortunes
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08699You've Got Your TroublesThe Fortunes
08720Baby I Need Your LovingThe Four Tops
08737BernadetteThe Four Tops
08235I Can't Help Myself (sugar Pie Honey Bunch)The Four Tops
08943Standing In The Shadows Of LoveThe Four Tops
08830How To Save A LifeThe Fray
10848Over My Head (cable Car)The Fray
10747You Found MeThe Fray
08538Sooner Or LaterThe Grass Roots
08365MichaelThe Highwaymen
08510Silver StallionThe Highwaymen
10125Carrie-anneThe Hollies
10267Just One LookThe Hollies
08734Behind A Painted SmileThe Isley Brothers
08175Fight The PowerThe Isley Brothers
08206Harvest For The WorldThe Isley Brothers
08582That LadyThe Isley Brothers
08613This Old Heart Of MineThe Isley Brothers
08016AbcThe Jackson 5
08247I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausThe Jackson 5
08393Never Can Say GoodbyeThe Jackson 5
08960The Love You SaveThe Jackson 5
10487You Got It AllThe Jets
08706A Wonderful DreamThe Majors
10119California DreamingThe Mamas & The Papas
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08781Dream A Little Dream Of MeThe Mamas & The Papas
08140Don't Mess With BillThe Marvelettes
08193Girl Of My DreamsThe Moffatts
08259If Life Is So ShortThe Moffatts
08769Daydream BelieverThe Monkees
08448Pleasant Valley SundayThe Monkees
08604The Monkees T.v. ThemeThe Monkees
08646ValleriThe Monkees
08837I Love MusicThe O'jays
08329Lipstick TracesThe O'jays
08839I Think I Love YouThe Partridge Family
08387My PrayerThe Platters
08427Only YouThe Platters
08593The Great PretenderThe Platters
10491You'll Never, Never KnowThe Platters
08277I'm So ExcitedThe Pointer Sisters
08770De Do Do Do De Da Da DaThe Police
08161Every Breath You TakeThe Police
08162Every Little Thing She Does Is MagicThe Police
08363Message In A BottleThe Police
08476RoxanneThe Police
08055Back On The Chain GangThe Pretenders
08135Don't Get Me WrongThe Pretenders
08581TequilaThe Pretenders
08290It's A Beautiful MorningThe Rascals
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08691You To Me Are EverythingThe Real Thing
08753Build A BridgeThe Redwalls
08856It's Love You're OnThe Redwalls
08153Ebb TideThe Righteous Brothers
08938Soul & InspirationThe Righteous Brothers
08640Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers
08700You've Lost That Lovin' FeelingThe Righteous Brothers
08039AngieThe Rolling Stones
08045As Tears Go ByThe Rolling Stones
08729Beast Of BurdenThe Rolling Stones
08087Brown SugarThe Rolling Stones
08804Gimme ShelterThe Rolling Stones
08234I Can't Get No SatisfactionThe Rolling Stones
08325Let's Spend The Night TogetherThe Rolling Stones
08434Paint It BlackThe Rolling Stones
08914Ruby TuesdayThe Rolling Stones
08544Start Me UpThe Rolling Stones
08619Time Is On My SideThe Rolling Stones
08641Under My ThumbThe Rolling Stones
10409Take Your Time (do It Right)The S.o.s Band
08391Needles And PinsThe Searchers
08664When You Walk In The RoomThe Searchers
10143Dedicated To The One I LoveThe Shirelles
08855Itchycoo ParkThe Small Faces
10404SummertimeThe Sundays
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08721Baby LoveThe Supremes
08054Back In My Arms AgainThe Supremes
08763Come See About MeThe Supremes
08532Someday We'll Be TogetherThe Supremes
08686You Keep Me Hangin' OnThe Supremes
10110Boogie FeverThe Sylvers
10212Hot LineThe Sylvers
10054A Love As Strong As DeathThe Tears
10112Brave New CenturyThe Tears
10295LoversThe Tears
08725Ball Of Confusion (that's What The...)The Temptations
08731Beauty Is Only Skin DeepThe Temptations
08096Cloud NineThe Temptations
08252I Wish It Would RainThe Temptations
08382My GirlThe Temptations
08026All That I've GotThe Used
08572Take It AwayThe Used
08072Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve
08958The FreshmenThe Verve Pipe
08178Five O'clock WorldThe Vogues
08962The PassengerThe Wallflowers
080065:15The Who
08446Pinball WizardThe Who
10263JailbreakThin Lizzy
10415The Boys Are Back In TownThin Lizzy
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10466Whiskey In The JarThin Lizzy
08864Just Like YouThree Days Grace
08785Easy To Be HardThree Dog Night
08438Peg O' My HeartThree Suns
08079Break Every RuleTina Turner
08436Paradise Is HereTina Turner
08123DelilahTom Jones
10147Detroit CityTom Jones
10259It's Not UnusualTom Jones
10269Keep On RunningTom Jones
10282Little Green ApplesTom Jones
10374Sex BombTom Jones
10225I Don't Want ToToni Braxton
08244I Left My Heart In San FranciscoTony Bennett
08580Tender Is The NightTony Bennett
08965The Shadow Of Your SmileTony Bennett
08748Bless YouTony Orlando
10235I Won't Hold You BackToto
08088Calling All AngelsTrain
10822Drops Of JupiterTrain
10832Hey Soul SisterTrain
08991Wild ThingTroggs
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10473With A Girl Like YouTroggs
08205Happy TogetherTurtles
08926She'd Rather Be With MeTurtles
08633Try MeUfo
10140Dancing With Tears In My EyesUltravox
08152Easy Livin'Uriah Heep
08305July MorningUriah Heep
08824Hole In My HeartVan Hunt
10058A Thousand MilesVanessa Carlton
10341Pretty BabyVanessa Carlton
08782Dreamin'Vanessa Williams
10370Save The Best For LastVanessa Williams
10423The Right StuffVanessa Williams
10372Seems You're Much Too BusyVertical Hold
08034An Affair To RememberVic Damone
08283In The NavyVillage People
08356Macho ManVillage People
08677Y. M. C. A.Village People
08469Right Or WrongWanda Jackson
10296Low RiderWar
10385Slippin' Into DarknessWar
08567Sweet Dream WomanWaylon Jennings
10128Change The WorldWestlife
08265If Your Heart's Not In ItWestlife
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10326On The Wings Of LoveWestlife
10477World Of Our OwnWestlife
10288Love Is All AroundWet Wet Wet
08956Teenage DirtbagWheatus
10439Till Death Do Us PartWhite Lion
10307My Baby Loves Lovin'White Plains
10148Didn't We Almost Have It AllWhitney Houston
10233I Wanna Dance With SomebodyWhitney Houston
10310My Name Is Not SusanWhitney Houston
08594The Greatest Love Of AllWhitney Houston
10486You Give Good LoveWhitney Houston
08263If You Can Touch Her At AllWillie Nelson
08466Release MeWilson Phillips
10248In The Midnight HourWilson Pickett
08884Miles AwayWinger
08794Feels So GoodXscape
08797For Your LoveYardbirds
08773DiscotechYoung Love
08876Love Is My ReligionZiggy Marley
08339Look Who's DancingZiggy Marley & The Melody Makers

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